About Us

Nicole Justine Reid

Wise beyond her years, Nicole Justine Reid is a spiritual teacher, channeling wisdom through writing, and helping Lightworkers heal on a soul level by bringing them into alignment with their divine nature. Nicole’s Divine Purpose is to help other Lightworkers live theirs.

Her unique method opens Lightworkers to deeply reconnect to their own Light and experience the deep serenity and miracles that unfold from living from their soul’s purpose. She is passionate about helping other Lightworkers heal their divine homesickness so they can step into their much needed place in raising the consciousness of this world.

Nicole has been reconnecting private clients to their Light, Joy, and Divinity since 2008, and has been on her own evolving spiritual path her whole life. She is a spiritual teacher, natural intuitive, CTI trained coach and Leadership Graduate, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, and sacred channel of divine wisdom.

Woven into her life, Nicole enjoys a good nap in the sun, writing spiritual poetry and other creative works that come through to her from beyond, journeying between worlds, snuggling with her cat, Ginger, and absorbing wisdom found in just the right string of words.


Jon Reid

Jon Reid is a Consciousness Guide and avid explorer of the realms beyond ordinary consciousness. He has been an Outreach facilitator for The Monroe Institute offering programs in consciousness expansion for a number of years. He is passionate about developing meditation practices, and inner journeying for understanding the greater part of who we are.

Jon’s forays into consciousness began as a teenager when he experienced a number of spontaneous out of body experiences. At the time he didn’t pay a great deal of attention to the meaning behind these experiences but just enjoyed the ride. It wasn’t until in his mid twenties that curiosity began pulling at him to delve a little deeper.

Jon’s ongoing thirst for spiritual truths led him to the Monroe Institute where he studied manifesting, soul retrieval, afterlife exploration, galactic voyages, and ultimately led him to his true calling of supporting others in understanding they are much more than their physical body.