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Out of Body Voyager is a one of kind course to help you experience the out of body state through one-on-one live online meditation tuition. The course is designed to familiarize you with the out of body state so you can consistently repeat the process for future self-exploration.

The purpose of this course is to:

  • Discover you are truly more than your physical body
  • Release your fear of death
  • Explore beyond the body
  • Convert beliefs into knowings
  • Understand more of your true nature
  • Reach deep levels of relaxation
  • Relieve stress


This course is for you if:

  • You are new to the concept of OBEs and are intrigued to learn more.
  • You have already tried but have been unsuccessful in your attempts.

An OBE is the visceral sensation of separating from the physical body into an energetic version of yourself allowing you freedom from the confines of the physical form to help you understand more of your true nature.

With this three month course you will receive:

  • 2x 60 minute Zoom video calls on ‘An Introduction to Out of Body Experiences’ for the first month as a springboard to your explorations.
  • 4x 90 minute live online tailored OBE sessions for the second and third months.
  • A wealth of content with tools, techniques, tips and experiential information to support your development.
  • Monthly assignments to strengthen your progress
  • Take home OBE meditations to explore on your own
  • Email support between sessions

The course curriculum is deeply structured to provide you with everything you need to have successful OBEs. It includes elements such as, understanding the spectrum of consciousness and your place on it, learning to let go, effortless relaxation, releasing limiting beliefs and cementing affirmative ones, navigating the tightrope of consciousness, preparing for separation, signs and symptoms of an OBE, techniques, “I’m out” – what now?, subconscious programming, interrupting consciousness, journey meditations, and much more.

A typical 90 minute  OBE session will involve, exploring the theme of the session, a 45-60 minute guided OBE meditation, a debrief on the experience with tips and tricks. In between sessions you will receive content to read, tasks to complete, email support, and audio sessions to practice.

Please Note – This course requires dedicated out of session practice to maximize the benefits. You will be required to read material, allow time for journalling and reflection, and dedicate several hours per week to self-guided practice.

This course utilizes a number of sound techniques to induce altered states conducive for achieving an OBE along with live, personally tailored voice guidance.

Why hire Jon to help you with going out of body?

  1. Using my knowledge and experience I will help you reach your goals more quickly and efficiently than through a self-study course
  2. Through trial and error I have learnt what to do and most importantly what not to do, saving you a lot time and effort.
  3. I will keep you accountable in your OBE development. This practice can be something of a discipline at times and so having support on hand can be invaluable to guide and encourage.
  4. The course will be tailored to your needs. Through years of experience one recurring pattern I see is that no one method works for everyone. Each person requires tweaks and alterations to a particular method to make it work for them. This program affords you the opportunity to discover what works best for you.

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Jon’s Out of Body journeys began as a teenager when he experienced spontaneous OBEs. After spending a number of years exploring the out of body state, Jon received guidance that his path lay in developing and assisting people in understanding they are truly more than their physical bodies. 

Jon has years of direct experience, extensive knowledge, and has accelerated his self-development through courses with, IAC, and numerous retreats at The Monroe Institute on afterlife and galactic explorations to name a few. It was from here he became an Outreach Facilitator for the Monroe Institute offering weekend courses in exploring consciousness through meditation.

For Jon the natural evolution was to create programs of his own, drawing on his own experiences over the last 20 years on the subject. The ‘Out of Body Voyager’ Course is the first of many programs to come.